Independent Escort Zürich: Book Leonie Laurent



However which way you found me I’m pleased to introduce you to my little space on the internet. Feel free to take a seat, kick back and before we’re done I hope I’ll have been able to satisfy your curiosity, enquiry or desire for debauchery. Too infrequently in life do we get some down time. An indulgent space in our often busy schedules where we can escape the complexities of life and be the most honest, best or bad-ass versions of ourselves. The opportunity to do so begins here.


"The first thing you should know about me is that I love what I do."

Whichever preconceived notion some may have of my pleasure pursuits, I can assure you that the adventure began in an entirely organic manner. With me you’ll find someone who has a genuine appetite for sex and a desire to please.


Age 32 years
Nationality German
Languages German, English
Height 5'6'' / 173 cm
Weight 122 lbs / 55 kg
Body Type Slim yet Feminine
Bust 34C Natural
Dress Size 2 US / 34 DE
Hair Blonde
Eyes Grey
Grooming Shaved (completely)
Piercings No
Tattoos 1x small (back)
Smoking No

On appearance alone, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth. Berlin born and bred. Blessed with an innate sense of style which is best described as elegant and extends from my dress, to my behaviour. I’m thrilled, that at 30 years of age my choice of vocation has granted me the opportunity to travel extensively; delving enthusiastically into the history and culture of places I visit, dine frequently and engage on a wide range of topics without hesitation.

Intelligent, flirty banter is in my view, the best prelude to any mind-blowing sexual experience. At an entry level it relaxes the nerves and at a higher level, triggers the release of those wonderful neurochemicals, namely dopamine and norepinephrine that turn the pursuits and struggles of life into pleasure and I’m an exceptionally brilliant facilitator.


Daytime Job Naturopath
Conversation Bright Conversations
Situational Comedy
Interests Reading, Fashion, Design, Fitness, Health, Dining Out

Independent Escort Zürich: Book Leonie Laurent

Described as a delightful young lady: I’m both fit and curvy so by this, I have breasts and a bottom! With a perfectly balanced 5”6, size 4 figure, I have beautiful eyes, long blonde thick hair, an attractive face and a perfect white smile.A lingerie aficionado with a perpetually positive outlook on life, my appeal extends to my charm and in my professional as well as personal capacity, I’ve never had a problem in garnering the attention of intelligent, well-mannered men.


Lingerie Agent Provocateur
La Perla
Honey Birdette
Clothing SAKS Fifth Avenue
Chi Chi London
Flowers Baracca Roses (Red)
White Flowers
Perfume Black Opium

I’ve often said I view sex as a fun pursuit. It truly is! With each of us we can choose our own adventure and your time with me will never be pantomimed. I genuinely want to hear your thoughts prior to our date so I can deliver you the experience of a lifetime. Looking for someone to stimulate your big head as well as your little one, you’ve come to the right place.

Going Out

Dinner Gourmet Kitchen
Creative Kitchen
Surf n' Turf
Japanese Kitchen
Drinks Sweet White Wine
Champagne (Rosé & Blanc)
Hotels Baur au Lac
Alden Suite Splügenschloss
Restaurants Maison Manesse, Ecco
Bars ONYX, Aura, Dante
Clubs Bellevue, Jade
Shows Burlesque Shows
Vaudeville Shows
Theatre & Musicals

I look forward to our day of debauchery.



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